I'm talking about the ideal life of grass (not your last relationship!).  As all of you know, I'm a rancher, but I'm also a grass farmer.  In fact, the better a grass farmer I am the better a rancher I am.  Grass is pretty amazing stuff.  It is a great carbon sequestering engine. 

   But for grass to really excel at sequestering carbon it needs to be harvested.  Why? 

   Well, when grass is eaten (one bite), it pushes it's roots deeper and consequently sequesters more carbon.  Then because cows do what cows do - along comes the fertilizer besides.  Great working partnership.  Cows turn something pretty much inedible into major calories and the grass gets exactly what it needs.  The side benefit is both help the planet. 

Don't take my word for it -- here's the data Just add compost how to turn your grassland ranch into a carbon sink.

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